Finally, we can answer the question, is it possible to eat a Gluten Free burger in Berlin? Yes, it is! You should just swing by the Burgerie in Prenzlauer Berg.

RATING: ★ ★ ★ ★☆

At the beginning they were just a.. Box, selling crepes on the street. Then they opened a Cafè and finally, they opened the Burgerie: specialised in homemade products.


The Burgerie is located in the beautiful Prenzlauer Berg, just a few meters away from the U2 Eberswalder Strasse.  

The place is not particularly big but it has a nice outside area for the summer.

You could have a pleasant dinner at the Burgerie and then enjoy a drink in one of the many Bars in the Kastanienallee


Quality and Assortment

Fresh ingredients, homemade chips, and quality steaks are the key of their success. And well, of course, a gluten free burger option!

The assortment is impressive, from BIO beef burgers to chicken ones, from fish to veggie (Mozzarella, Tofu or Halloumi). You won’t be disappointed by the choice!

The beef is cooked on a lava stein, which makes the meat juicy and tender.

You can decide which burger you want, and then pick the bread type:

Normal burger bread

BIO rye bread

Gluten and lactose free bread


I mentioned the homemade chips earlier, well, you can choose between simply homemade chips (which are delicious in my opinion), sweet chips, potato wedges or even Parmesan potatoes!

Moreover, in all the burgers you can add extras as red onions, Mozzarella, Jalapenos, etc.

 What else? Well, the 17 homemade dips are also highly pleasant to the taste.

If you want to reserve a table or to get more information, check out their website:

Burgerie Home Page

Gluten free lovers what are you waiting for? Pay them a visit and enjoy a Leckeres Hamburger!

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