Potential Vaccine for celiac disease – Nexvax2

What if there would be a way to eat whatever you want without damaging your body. Imagine if there would be a way, whenever you visit a new place around the world, to be able to try local specialties without fearing that there might be gluten in it. And again, what if you could finally go to a restaurant, and eat exactly what your friends are eating. 

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, it could soon be a reality. 

Nexvax2® belongs to an emerging class of therapeutic vaccines based on the same principles as “traditional” desensitization therapy for allergic conditions that restore long-term tolerance to allergens (ref. 1,2)

Immusant – Dominance in Immunotherapy 

The celiac disease affects the digestive system and interfere with the correct absorption of the nutrients present in the food. People with this disease become intolerant to this protein, called gluten, that you normally find in wheat, barley and rye.

Whenever someone with celiac disease eat something containing gluten, his/her immune system detect the gluten as an enemy and start fighting it, with the result of damaging the intestinal villeous. 

How does then this vaccine work? In this video made by Immusant, it shows how normally our body reacts to the gluten and how the Nexvax2 vaccine would “fix” that issue:

This second phase, that just started, will enroll about 150 patients across the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Since we will still have to wait another bit for this dream to come true, you might wants to try out some of our gluten free recipes: 

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